Living a more compassionate lifestyle: going vegan

Sooo I find it difficult to talk about this out loud without sounding like a bit of a douche bag so I’m hoping that writing it will be better. I’ve definitely been intrigued by going vegan and have read how much healthier it can be for you. However it’s never been a lifestyle that I thought I could follow as it always seemed too extreme.

Then I read this article last week from The Guardian on how the dairy industry works and what actually happens to enable us to have milk. I’ve never really heard that much about the milk industry or looked into it before as I think on some level I knew I wouldn’t like it.

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Why we have to stop comparing ourselves

Living in the super busy world of 2017 we now have more choices than ever before and whilst that is an amazing thing it also becomes harder to choose. Whether it be careers, houses or something as simple as an outfit, there are so many options.

We are the generation of Instagram and we can see more into other people’s lives than ever before; what they wear, where they live or what they eat. We’re all sharing these parts of our lives, albeit the best, photo-shopped and filtered versions of them. I love looking at other peoples Instagram feeds, I mean what a great way to kill time, sometimes I just pop on to have a quick look through and realise that half the mornings gone. But in all seriousness I love taking inspiration for my wardrobe or a bit of home decor – love a bit of home decor!

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