Living a more compassionate lifestyle: going vegan

Sooo I find it difficult to talk about this out loud without sounding like a bit of a douche bag so I’m hoping that writing it will be better. I’ve definitely been intrigued by going vegan and have read how much healthier it can be for you. However it’s never been a lifestyle that I thought I could follow as it always seemed too extreme.

Then I read this article last week from The Guardian on how the dairy industry works and what actually happens to enable us to have milk. I’ve never really heard that much about the milk industry or looked into it before as I think on some level I knew I wouldn’t like it.

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Wednesday Wishlist: Home Decor

Having been in the process of a buying a house since February I have already Pintrested colour schemes, mentally laid out each room and selected which IKEA hacks I’m going to do. Of course I’m into the grey, blush and copper vibes and what’s great is that the house already lends itself to this theme as the living room is in fact grey – hallelujah!

What is most frustrating is that we still don’t have a moving date due to having the most frustrating chain in the world! Alas I will continue to dream about making this home our own and after living in horrible rented houses where you can’t decorate –  I’m so determined to make this house Instagrammable.

Home Decor Lust Haves . . .

Oliver Bonas, where really expensive style lives but it’s oh so pretty!

Large Gold & Glass Mirrored Jewellery Box

Copper Angled Floor Lamp

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Yoga and meditation therapy

Living a super busy lifestyle as a working mum to a very active toddler I often struggle to find some ‘me’ time.

My thoughts everyday are organised around Ollie’s schedule and how the day’s activities will fit around that, throw in work, dinner and housework too, it’s often non stop from getting up in the morning to going to bed at night.

Over the last few years having suffered with bouts of stress & anxiety I know I need to take time to get ‘centered’, hit refresh and carry on. I take this time either by doing mindset training, yoga or more recently meditating.

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How to stay zen when you’re a mum

Nothing can prepare you for having a baby it literally turns your world upside down, night becomes day, day becomes night and somehow you manage to bumble through in some sleep deprived haze of nappies, feeds and cuddles.

With all of the very real pressures on mums from breastfeeding vs bottle feeding to baby led weaning, learning to walk, talk and use the potty there’s a never ending list of milestones you feel you have to conquer. All whilst looking amazing and having a clean and tidy house – although once baby turns into a toddler the house is lost! The amount of mess Ollie makes in one unsupervised minute gives me palpitations.

It can all become pretty overwhelming and it’s sometimes hard to remember who you were pre-baby or some days to even think straight let alone feel zen when you’re constantly keeping up with you’re little ones. But at the same time it’s so important to take some time for you.

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Why we have to stop comparing ourselves

Living in the super busy world of 2017 we now have more choices than ever before and whilst that is an amazing thing it also becomes harder to choose. Whether it be careers, houses or something as simple as an outfit, there are so many options.

We are the generation of Instagram and we can see more into other people’s lives than ever before; what they wear, where they live or what they eat. We’re all sharing these parts of our lives, albeit the best, photo-shopped and filtered versions of them. I love looking at other peoples Instagram feeds, I mean what a great way to kill time, sometimes I just pop on to have a quick look through and realise that half the mornings gone. But in all seriousness I love taking inspiration for my wardrobe or a bit of home decor – love a bit of home decor!

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