30 thoughts on motherhood

Becoming a mummy has absolutely changed my life, completely, in every way.

This is something I wrote when Ollie was ten months old and now that he’s two and a half and he normally sleeps through the night it’s still just as true. . .

It occurred to me at somewhere between 3am and 4am this morning whilst cuddling my 10 month old to sleep after two and a half hours of ‘partying’ between his cot and my bed, that this moment was in fact sacred. Despite being sleep deprived, having a banging headache and a dead arm, this is what being a mummy is all about. It’s being ‘there’ for your baby no matter the circumstances. Although these sleepless nights are well horrific, its a phase and I’m sure one day when I’m no longer needed I’ll long for a midnight cuddle.

So with these thoughts in mind I decided to write a somewhat thrown together poem of thoughts about what motherhood means to me, here goes.

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Why we have to stop comparing ourselves

Living in the super busy world of 2017 we now have more choices than ever before and whilst that is an amazing thing it also becomes harder to choose. Whether it be careers, houses or something as simple as an outfit, there are so many options.

We are the generation of Instagram and we can see more into other people’s lives than ever before; what they wear, where they live or what they eat. We’re all sharing these parts of our lives, albeit the best, photo-shopped and filtered versions of them. I love looking at other peoples Instagram feeds, I mean what a great way to kill time, sometimes I just pop on to have a quick look through and realise that half the mornings gone. But in all seriousness I love taking inspiration for my wardrobe or a bit of home decor – love a bit of home decor!

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The power of a mothers touch

The reason why baby massage is so beneficial to young babies is because touch is their most powerful sense, this is how they communicate with the world around them.

Touch is instinctive in both mother and baby, to comfort, to heal and to bond. When mothers touch and massage their babies the hormone oxytocin is released in both baby and mummy- this is the love drug! And it gives you that warm, snuggly and loving feeling.

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