Yoga and meditation therapy

Living a super busy lifestyle as a working mum to a very active toddler I often struggle to find some ‘me’ time.

My thoughts everyday are organised around Ollie’s schedule and how the day’s activities will fit around that, throw in work, dinner and housework too, it’s often non stop from getting up in the morning to going to bed at night.

Over the last few years having suffered with bouts of stress & anxiety I know I need to take time to get ‘centered’, hit refresh and carry on. I take this time either by doing mindset training, yoga or more recently meditating.

In my ideal day I’d wake up meditate, do half hour of yoga and then some mindset training for motivation before officially starting my day. However my little pickle is normally up at around 6:30am which doesn’t leave much time.

I love yoga as it feels like I’m stretching out all the tension in my mind and body, plus you get to relax at the end – who doesn’t love corpse pose??? It’s a great way to combine exercise & mindfulness, plus it keeps me limber.

I try to fit in meditating after yoga or if I have some time on a day off whilst Ollie is napping. I’ve recently downloaded a great app called Headspace which is a guided meditation and perfect for beginners. I also try to listen to some motivational mindset as I get ready for work to start my day on the right track. One of my favourites is Les Brown, his outlook really resonates with me and I love how I feel after listening to him.

I totally believe that we should all be raised learning how to meditate and do yoga. Mind space is so important and if it’s ingrained from a young age children would grow up with a lot more self awareness and probably be better rounded people. I fully intend to raise Ollie like this – we already do some (not the most relaxing) yoga together (although he’s totally nailed downward dog) and when he’s a bit older I’ll teach him to meditate. It’s important for children to learn how to relax, de-stress and connect with their own inner calm as much as it for adults.




3 Replies to “Yoga and meditation therapy”

  1. I did some meditation for the first time yesterday. I can see the benefits but it is hard to switch your brain off! I think I will try this app – thank you! x

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